Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple’s US Smartphone Share Increased By 1.4% Due To iPhone 4S And Google’s 3.1% Due To Android Devices

comScore’s report revealed the shares of the US smartphones market share. Well a cool smartphone just comes once a year but Android device comes once a day. The Googles shares for smartphone increased due to the delayed launch of iPhone 4S this year. Still it increased a 1.4% percent of Apples US smartphone share. HTC’s debuted there Beats by Dr. Dre devices which were Sensation XE and Sensation XL and they got a lot of sales due to Beats audio.

Samsung Galaxy Note (Is it a Phone ? Is it a Tablet ?) also got good sales due to new idea. Android overall is used in more than 50% of the mobile devices which also gave them a boost of 3.1% shares bug still competition is alive between Samsung’s Galaxy SII an s Apples iPhone 4S. After that is/was Symbian. Below is the share report by comScore


The shares were bought between August 2011 and November 2011. Still the nuclear war is running on and on and for the shares we have to wait for February 2012, so stay tuned.