Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple’s Online Store Was Not Down Due To Social Network Integration (Confirmed)

Later today Apple added the social share feature in its MAC Pro section present in Online Apple Store’s website. Before this Apple’s Online Store was down and no reason was told by Apple and it was thought by users that something new might be coming up, like a new Device or something like that.

When Apple Online Store came back up so we saw the Social Network Integration as told before. It was supposed that this might be the reason behind the down time.

Now Apple has officially denied that social network integration was not the reason behind the down time of the Apple Store. The outage was said to be from Wednesday and Apple released this new feature today.

The confirmation was made by CNBC saying:

Apple called CNBC back and said the social links were live before this morning’s downtime, and were not the reason for the store’s downtime.

What can possibly the reason behind the outage of the Apple’s Online Store? This thing is still a big mystery. What we think is that the Online Store must be down due to some maintenance, Apps updates or so.

What do you think about the outage of the Online Apple Store? Is Apple going to announce something or the Online Store was down due to the upcoming iOS 5 Beta 6 Today?