Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple’s iPad Now Generates One Percent Of World’s Web Traffic

Well not a long time ago when Apple firstly announced the world’s best tablet named iPad to the public, just 14 months ago when the first iPad reach the market shelf in April of 2010, and now it is reported that it start making its named in the Web browsing market with in its young age. A new report comes from the table of Net Application’s with title of “NetMarketShare” report, which caries the details of all global web browsing devices, and suggests that Apple’s iPad now has more than one percent all global web browsing share, means that one percent of all global web browsing now occurring through the iPad.



It is also reported that in U.S market, the percentage of web browsing is rises up to 2.1 percent, well we know this is really small figures, but on the other hand they are also significant too, because its only 14 month ago of the release of first generation iPad and already its start making its name in many fields.