Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Apple’s COO Tim Cook Spotted At China Mobile

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook was spotted at China Mobile HQ today. Luckily a Chinese reported from Financials Daily was also present there, so he some how managed to take the snapshot of Tim Cook passing by him.

Tim Cook was not alone, he was with 5-6 people walking with him and all seemed to be happy.

This is what is Published on the reporters Sina Microblog:

Today at 10 am, accidentally discovered in the lobby of China Mobile chief operating officer Tim Cook, Apple, accompanied by seven or eight people. Estimates and moving the big boys in the talk about the IPHONE to cooperate. Mobile lobby also have U.S. national flags hanging, the way Americans look happy.

It is said that he visited China Mobile to talk about the upcoming 4G LTE Technology in iPhone 5.