Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

AppleCare+ Coverage Can Be Purchased Within 30 Days After Picking An New iPhone

Since the Apple has introduced the new AppleCare+ program this fall along with a launch of iPhone 4S, they made the announcement bit confusing for the customers, by requiring that the service to be purchased at the same time as iPhone 4S this year. The new policy disturbs a lot of the users, and had a big debate on the new policy in the Apple’s Support Forum. After a month of iPhone 4S availability in more than 40 countries, Apple cleared up the new AppleCare+ support program policies.

According to the new AppleCare+ policies, users now have 30 days to purchase the service coverage after buying the new iPhone 4S from Apple or any partnered carrier. Apple has announced a really short time for users to get the latest AppleCare+ service, many users still not now about the features of the new program.

AppleCare+ is an upgraded program of Apple’s previous $69 AppleCare for the iPhone that does not provide any accidental coverage to the iPhone users, and leave the users in trouble. However, the new AppleCare+ program covers up to two accidental damages of your iPhone, each subject to a $49 service fee.