Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Tops Worldwide Mobile PC Shipments, Beating HP, Dell

Now’s a day, you will see Apple on the top of every tech list, in this year they achieved lot of goals which makes the company more trust worthy among the users, as in the start of the year they won best selling award with their iPhone, and then later they beat Nokia with their selling and shipments of their products, Apple continuously winning the all over the tech market with its superb iOS devices, now according to the data report of research firm DisplaySearch, Apple has also reached the top place in Mobile PC Shipments, and beats the HP with their massive sales of their products, this study of Mobile PC shipment also includes the sales of Apple’s iPad sales, which shows it self’s as a backbone of Apple in the sales. Apple tops the list with 21.1% of the market on 13.6 million units shipped. Apple easily beats the HP sales record, which comes at the second-place with 15% share of the market and 9.7 million units shipped.

The report also notes that Samsung and Dell keep struggling with their sales, and keep maintaining their position in the top 5, whereas all other are facing really difficulties in calculating their low sales rank among the biggest competitor like Apple.  Other PC manufactures has faced a big flush in the sales due to Apple’s iPad massive growth within couple of months.