Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Apple To Only Release One iPhone This Year

AllThingsD sources are giving a tough talk, they claim the Apple’s Fall Event to be held on October 4, 2011 and will be in their Cupertino Campus. And it was really a sleek thought too. Today they have pushed another news that claims the next iPhone to be same alike iPhone 4.

We don’t expect a second, dramatically different iPhone to accompany this as we don’t think Apple needs to have 3 models in the market to address the high end, mid-tier and low end since the iPhone 4 (with memory lowered to 8 GB) will drop to $99 and effectively attack those markets.

Why would Apple bump up only the processor specs of the iPhone 4 in addition to a newly designed iPhone 5 if the goal is to sell it into the pre-paid market at a lower cost?

A 4S would simply cost more and a 4S itself wouldn’t create a mid-tier market unless it was priced at $99 and the iPhone 4 went to $49 with the new iPhone at $199. We see this scenario as unlikely.

As the source’s were claiming two new iPhones’s this October but now it turn’s to be one. The source’s said that there will be a  low-cost model iPhone too but now it’s confirmed, we guess ! It may fulfill the new feature or should hope that it get the new feature’s.