Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

Apple To Release iPad 3 Early 2012 With Retina Display

If you are still in doubt about the launch of Apple’s rumored pro version of iPad 2 or iPad 3, so we just want to say you to there is really no chances of iPad 3 this year, because as reported by several reports iPad 3 to power Retina Display, and production and stability of developing Retina Display LCD is still really big competition for the display makers, and now in addition to recent rumor news today, WSJ reports that Apple is quite working hard on the next generation iPad 3 and trying to debut early in 2012, they also seems to be pretty confirmed while reporting that next generation iPad 3 to support long rumored retina display, which is double from the current resolution of iPad.

Wall Street Journal sources also claimed that Apple will begin trail production of iPad 3 in October and for that they have already start placing their massive orders secretly to their key component manufactures, this report news does not comes up with any additional point of information, it only confirms some of the last rumors which we are continuously getting from the China folks regarding the iPad 3 launch.