Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple To Introduce iPhone 4 With 8GB Cheaper Model In Late September

In last couple of weeks we have heard many sources report that Apple might going to release two iPhone model in this fall, one of them is reported as a next generation iPhone 5, but the other one comes up with lot of confusion. Some reported that Apple may release the iPhone 4 again but with some advanced specifications, such as A5 Processor we have spotted in the iPad 2, and may be dubbed it as “iPhone 4S”, just like they did with iPhone 3GS. Today another report comes up from the Reuters, which believes that Apple might release iPhone 4 with 8GB memory capacity, with in next couple of weeks, expected to launch on end of September.  It is also reported that iPhone 4 with 8 GB capacity may be offered as a low cost iPhone, as we have heard about it before their report from multiple sources. Apple is expected to launch the low cost iPhone to finally take over the complete pre-paid mobile market with their smartphones.

If you do remember recently, Apple’s COO Tim Cook said in the report that Apple is doing something big, trying to take some clever moves, in order to take over the complete prepaid market, so that the iPhone could be “for everyone”, not “just for the rich”. This statement comes to us with lot of questions, such as when or how Apple going to make their iPhone’s for everyone, and about which model they are talking? In the past we have seen Apple took some aggressive price cut decisions with their iPhone 3GS, such as they are start offering it for $49 with two year contract. But on other hand it was also noted by many sources that Apple is also manufacturing low cost iPhone, which will said to be “iPhone 4S”.


In addition to all of the confusion report, reuter comes up with their own spice. They just throw the news of iPhone 4 with 8GB capacity, also they didn’t point out any specific launch date of the device, they simply said that the device may launch on late September media event, which was firstly rumored by many sources for iOS 5 launch, along with iPhone 5 pre-orders.

[Via Reuters]