Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple To Release 3G iPod Touch New Model In This Month September

A fresh new report suggests Apple is going to launch a new model of iPod Touch with 3G capabilities, and even in this month not with iPhone 5 next month. Back in July, we firstly heard that Apple has been working on a new model of iPod Touch which seems to be carry 3G capabilities to allow users to access web, cuts the Wi-Fi or housebound. A new report comes from the AppleNApps, claiming that a 3G-capable iPod Touch is in development as a secret device, while Apple has on the way to launch the device somewhere in September, also they have contact many partner carriers to provide the data-only subscription to this model, like users already getting on their iPads.

We have already got words from couple of iOS related sources that Apple to only gives the minor update to iPod Touch in this year, just like announcing a white model of iPod Touch, but later we have found couple of evidences in iOS 5 SDK which points us to the new model of iPod Touch, which seems to be carry 3G capabilities, also hot on heal, couple of weeks back. Someone from Apple at online web publishes a model of iPod Touch with 3G sign, but later they remove the image after caught by eagle eye folks.