Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Moving To Micro-USB Cable? (Rumor)

Apple was looking for a change in their USB Cables from last many years. Apple was planning to move on from 30 pin connector to some other Micro USB.

Finally today a German Blog claimed that Apple is preparing the MICRO USB and USB Cables which are in process by two different suppliers.

At least two accessory suppliers are currently preparing the launch of Micro USB cables with Apple branding.

Below is the Picture shown by the Blog:


It is also noted that pre production models are passed around. It is expected that the cables might be released with the upcoming iPod or iPhone, but we cannot provide you with the reliability of the picture if it is real or fake.

Above cable can be found with Samsung Devices and these type of things can be faking easily. So we would suggest that you must wait for the official announcement or any official news about these cables.

What do you think about this (if it comes real) that Apple will be doing good or you are happy with the 30 pin connector?