Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Is Testing LTE iPhone 5 In iOS 5, Hiring LTE Engineers

Earlier this month we have seen series of rumors suggesting about the 4G LTE technology feature in Apple’s iPhone 5, and also got reports from solid sources that Apple has been testing next generation iPhone (4G LTE enabled) on several major carriers with support of their lab engineers. Couple of days ago, Boy Genius Report claims that they have been informed by reliable source that Apple is testing 4G LTE enabled iPhone 5 in AT&T lab, and also they have managed to get hands on the “internal iOS test build”, which they got from their source. In that build there was a property list file, which refers to LTE technology, and on it BGR believes that Apple has been also testing 4G LTE enabled iPhone, and other iOS devices.

In addition to it, now developers has also start hitting up with claims that they have found some new property list files (.plist) that belongs to some LTE configuration, developers has noted that Apple includes these files in the last few beta versions and the files only comes in the firmware of “GSM iPhone 4, CDMA iPhone 2, but not in any other iOS device). If we do remember, last week Engadget also comes up with a sky shot from their source, and claims that AT&T is begun installing 4G LTE equipments in the Apple Store, at least in one store, to provide some more range of 4G LTE to devices.

And at last, most suggesting report comes up from the folks of Forbes, which claims that Apple has start job listing for field test engineers with expertise in LTE infrastructure. All of the reports are suggesting only one thing that Apple may reveal iPhone 5 with next generation broadband network capabilities. Apple is also expected to begin pre-orders of iPhone 5 somewhere late in September, and then finally launch in early October.