Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple’s iPhone 5 Prototype “N94” Gained FCC ID Number

It seems now we have to start binding up iPhone 5 rumors, as we all know two days ago Apple has released unexpected (not on rumored date) iOS 5 beta 7, which does not comes up with any identical changes and any new feature, but now it seems that Apple has start playing little game with developers, especially those who always in the search to find something big and exclusive. Few days ago, we have reported you about the next generation iPhone prototype codenamed “N94”, which originally appears in the iOS 4.3 final SDK. The codenamed “N94” iPhone Prototype has gained FCC ID “BCG-E2430A”, as reported by MacRumors. Eagle eye folks claimed that there is a file under the most recent released iOS 5 betas 7, which contains the information about the FCC ID of the device. This evidence also proofs that Apple is now on the corner with long rumored iPhone model for unveiling. The FCC filling for the upcoming device is not yet up in the database of equipment authorization department, but we don’t need to care about it, because from the past we learn Apple’s device only up in the database, when company actually unveils the device.

You can also get your hands to the FCC ID filling image, only if you have some nerdy skills and have installed latest iOS 5 beta 7 on your device, the file is present in the OS with name of “RegulatoryInfo-N94AP@2x~iphone.png” as related to General > About > Regulatory section of the device’s Settings app. Thanks to the genius Mark Gurman, for the deep search about the file. This newly discovered FCC ID compares to the GSM iPhone 4?s “BCG-E2380A” identifier and the CDMA iPhone 4?s “BCG-E2422A” ID.


At the end of story, we are still not sure whether this filling is representing iPhone 5 or for Apple’s low cost cheap model of current iPhone 4, which is rumored to get a 8GB capacity with A5 processor.