Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Apple’s “Find My Friends” Location Based Social Networking, More Evidences

Remember we have reported you about the Apple’s new project of social networking based on locations similar to Google’s Latitude, named “Find My Friend”? Originally it was appeared in the iOS 4.3 SDK, where we got some references to the future social network app based on iOS device user location. But on that time we had not much information about the app, more than a thought, but now according to the folks of 9to5mac, who reported that they have found some new references of Apple’s “Find My Friend” in the new iOS 5 developer betas, and service working strings appeared in the coding of Apple’s MobileMe website, which lend us to take this service as a part of Apple’s MobileMe/iCloud.

According to the discovered string, developers reported that service is much similar to the twitter functionality or may also use the twitter deep integration API, and allow users to log in to the application with their twitter ID’s. If the new social networking service will based on user location, then it’s pretty sure that the service will acquire device GPS functionality, and broadcast its signal to the application, and through this you will be appeared in friend’s local map.


From all of the discovered and imagined information, we can easily suppose that Apple will go to throw some “follow” functionality like twitter doing, to follow someone or be followed by others. This would presumably allow you to locate those you follow in real time. Apple has not yet comment on this service, and also it seems that Apple is not much interested in this project, because firstly we have seen the reference of this service in iOS 4.3, then it was apparently removed from iOS 5 earlier betas.