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Apple Launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

by Ankit Pandey - on Sep 11th 2014 - No Comments

In an exciting announcement, Apple made an official announcement on its Indian website that it will be launching the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in India on October 17 this year. It is really a smart move by the tech giant to introduce these two smart gadgets in middle of festive season in the country. Along with India, Apple plans to...

How to Check if iPhone is Blocked or Locked

by Ankit Pandey - on Apr 4th 2014 - No Comments

Some iPhone users who get their smartphones from third-party networks or find lost devices [and in some other situations] find out their gadget is either blocked or locked. It can be also both a locked iPhone and a blocked iPhone. What is the main difference between a blocked and locked smartphone? Users whose handset is locked are able...

How To Restore Your iPhone Screen To Its Original Beauty

by Michael - on Mar 16th 2013 - No Comments

The iPhone is an amazing device to own. Ignoring the social and trendy features that are associated with owning the latest iPhone, they truly are remarkably powerful devices. There is a reason why they are so popular across the globe and some people are willing to wait outside for days to own the latest model. Each subsequent model incorporates...

IPhone 5 Demand Is Weak? Or Just A Rumor?

by Ankit Pandey - on Jan 16th 2013 - No Comments

It may be wrong to believe the rumors that Apple has lowered down the iPhone 5 orders because of slumping demand of the device. Shaw Wu, the Sterne Agee analyst has recently declared in a research that Apple’s cuts to the component orders of the iPhone 5 have nothing to do with the weak demands. Rather, he said that while the orders...

Apple Sold More Than 5 Million iPhone 5 Units In Launch Weekend (4 Days Only)

by Hamza Tariq - on Sep 24th 2012 - No Comments
iPhone 5

While the iPhone 5 is available in just first round of 9 countries all over the world, it appears the Apple’s new-generation iPhone 5 is breaking all the previous sales-record of the company in the first launch weekend. Apple has already announced that they sold more than 2 million iPhone 5 devices in the first 24 hours of launch, beating the all recent...

Verizon Offering Unlocked iPhone 5 On Contract, Works On AT&T

by Hamza Tariq - on Sep 22nd 2012 - No Comments

The iPhone 5 is launched in the market, and many of you may already have in your hands. Hot on heals, we have discovered that Verizon iPhone 5 users going to be bit luckier than the AT&T and other carrier users. The Verizon iPhone 5 device appears to be GSM unlocked for everyone, and can be used with any other carrier SIM. The guys over iDB have confirmed...