Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Working With LG Display To Introduce iPad Mini

Once again, someone at the back-end reported the sources that Apple is looking to ink a huge deal with LG for the next few years to provide continuously the display screens for the iOS devices. In addition to it, the source claimed that Apple has been testing the new sizes of the screen from LG for the new iPad. Apple is rumored to be producing a small-screen tablet for their folks, and to again reach the heights of the Market.

An Apple insider reveals the information to The Korea Times that Apple is working on iPhone 5 production, as well as looking forward to producing a mini version of its iPad with 7.35-inch display. The mini version of the iPad is named to be an iPad Mini. It’s not a first time that we are hearing about the iPad mini term, in the past, we have heard the term couple of times among the different sources.

The sources claim that Apple is speeding up its work to introduce a low-cost tablet in the market, as the iPad rivals have already started their work in the market with bulk selling on the first day of launch, like Kindle Fire. Amazon and Samsung seem to be the biggest rival of Apple’s iPad in the market, and trying their best to defeat the popularity of iPad.

The report also revises the old news from the source, who claims the same that Apple has been testing the smaller display screens from LG and AU Optronics for the iPad to introduce a new mini model of the device. The inner source of The Korea Times, as well claim that Apple is going to bake the iPhone 5 with same Retina Display as the iPhone 4S features.