Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple Working To Launch Siri For iPhone 4 (Testing Widely)

Many of us still believe that Apple may not extend the support of iPhone 4S Siri to Apple’s iPhone 4, and to still get it on the iPhone 4, we have a choice to go with Jailbreak hacker community. However, at the current time, both are far away from the final results and stuck in resolving issues regarding Siri port on iPhone 4.

We have learned that hackers have successfully ported the Siri into an iPhone 4 hardware through the jailbreak tools and ways, the hackers also claimed they have successfully made a connection with Apple’s Siri cloud servers from where the coolest personal assistant gets information. However, all of this progress is stuck on the level where hackers need to extract iPhone 4S firmware files to successfully get Siri on iPhone 4, but they are out of luck. Apple baked Siri strictly to iPhone 4 hardware and the required files needs Apple Software Piracy.

It appears today that someone just got information from the internal sources in Apple, which claims that Apple is considering to launch Siri for iPhone 4, and currently deploying the couple of run tests on the iPhone 4 with Siri. The results seem to be pretty promising but still need modification before the actual public release.

According to AppAdvice, Apple has been seeding a special internal iOS 5 build to some high profile employees to test the Siri on iPhone 4 widely. Sources close to the matter say that “Apple has been restoring employees to stock software, not wanting them to use it in the public where it might be seen.”

At this moment, we can only say don’t take your expectations too high, because it’s still a research program close to Apple, and they didn’t make any statement that they will publicly launch it for the iPhone, because Siri is the only feature of iPhone 4S that attracts users towards it.