Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Working To Fix iTunes Match “Explicit Track” Bug

Earlier this morning we come across to the findings of the weird bug in the Apple’s newly launched iTunes Match service for the iTunes lovers, which is uses to mirror the local stored music library to the cloud one to stream on other devices. The creepy bug discovered by CultOfMac, the bug is actually started censoring the rap and explicit music tracks automatically without user concert, and indirectly start ruining the life of rappers.

The actual issue is present in the Apple’s iTunes Match software that facing issues in filtering the clean and explicit music tracks individually; the service just starts ignoring the explicit music track records on the cloud. This might be not a big trouble for everyone, but obviously for those who love to keep that kind of tracks in their music library. However, it is now reported that Apple is already started its work on to fix the issue on iTunes Match service.

As reported by the reader on the forum, the reader had contacted the Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service regarding the issue on iTunes Match service, and got the quick reply from the Apple’s VP that engineers have started their work on to fix the issue and soon the glitch will be sorted out with a simple update rollout. iTunes Match appeared last year after the launch of iOS 5 by Apple, and seems to be a good library keeping option for those users who love to transfer their music on all their owned devices. iTunes Match is a yearly based iTunes service that quickly and intelligently ripped tracks to iTunes Service with all of their quality and keeps them available round the clock on Apple’s iCloud service.