Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Working On Virtual SIM Card To Produce SIM Less iPhone

Apple has again reached the ground of US Patent & Trademark Office with the new patent file, suggesting a new virtual SIM for their upcoming iPhone and other iOS devices. The new patent describes the usage of new Virtual SIM system inside the iPhone firmware or core which could allow Apple to eliminate the SIM slot from iPhone and as well as allow users to select their wanted carrier to use on an iPhone.

The new Virtual SIM system will integrate the NFC technology in iPhone, means Apple has hinted that the next version of the iPhone is getting NFC technology chip. It’s not the first time that Apple is rumored to be working on this revolutionary project. We have also heard about this in the start of this year that Apple is working a new system that may allow the user to select their required carrier and trying to develop a SIM-Less iPhone. Apple has been testing the system in their research department, which allows consumers to bypass carriers when purchasing an iPhone and utilize a carrier-chooser App Store app to select the network of their choosing.

While Apple on a full move to introduce such technology, we learned that some European carriers stuck in the nutshell and blocks Apple to introduce such technology, they raised plans to stop offering to subsidize iPhone’s on their carrier. The today’s published patent was, firstly, filled-in Q4 2010, describing that the new technology allows Apple to produce much better looking iPhone, and much slimmer iPhone or other iOS devices than the current, as well as the removal of SIM slot also gives a chance to decrease the cost of iPhone production.