Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Working On Rumored iTV HDTV In Jonathan Ive Secret Studio

In the recent few weeks, there is only one topic is surrounding around the globe is new “Apple iTV (HDTV)”. Apple iTV rumors is on the full track from different sources, and seems that 2012 is the year of iTV. The new Apple iTV rumors is just increased to a new height with the start of New Year, the most-recent words from the sources are suggesting that Jonathan Ive has been working on the Apple’s  iTV with 42-to 50-inch display range in his most secret design studio in Cupertino, and obviously iTV will be powered with Siri functionality.

As reported by the USA Today, Jony Ive has been working on the iTV project with his person efforts and trying to fulfill its duty with passion while testing and debugging the device design at his own secret design studio in Cupertino with his team. The new report by USA Today, totally cleans out the previous rumor claims by the Korean portal Digitimes, who claimed that Apple is considering to announce the iTV product in 2012 but with 32 to 37 inch displays.

In another hand, many different sources have been working to get more about the device design ans specifications, currently the device is rumored to be powered with a mind catching feature, which will revolutionize the TV market. iTV HDTV is said to be powered with the Apple’s Siri and its superb voice control technology, which is rumored to be act like as remote control for the Apple TV. Another report suggests the media, that Apple is also working on the legal side before launching device, and trying to ink deals with Cable Operators before launching the device in a market.

Since the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson released, the sources had started reporting about iTV products, as Jobs has talked in the biography about the future of the iTV and said that he had found a way to crack the TV market.