Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Apple Working On Infrared iPhone Camera Sensor To Ban Recording Of Live Gigs

A new Apple application patent uncovered this week which suggests that Apple is working on the new camera and founding the way through which they can ban the use of iPhone’s camera for recording of video at live music gigs. The patents describes that the Apple working on new infa-red rays sensor which, soon make their ways to the future iPhone’s and detects the lights at the live gig, on detection of such environment they turn of the capabilities of recording video from iPhone. Basically it works something like this, these infa-red rays sensors firstly detect the ray which makes their self to the camera’s lens from the stage, on detecting such rays they will shut of the capability of recording footage.


It is reported that this move is come to try and prevent the distribution of copyrighted stage material illegally on such as a popular websites like Youtube, and as well as it save the work of music producers and industries, so it this feature is come to help music industry and also to control the illegally distribution of copyrighted material uploaded on such websites through users can access it free of cost.


via [The Sun]