Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple Working On How the iPhone Can Help You In Making New Friends

We all know these social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter getting lot of heat and success among the users, if you remember Apple was also tried to launch its music based social networking service and gets some more success through it, but it was failed. But now based on the new published application patent, it seems that Apple has been trying new strategies to improve the social networking while taking the advantage of iPhone’s location based services and interest matching. Well in short, Apple is working on such a new app which adds the ability in your iPhone to find a new friend, business partner or a new date.

The new patent reveals that the application collect the data and interest of user from its iPhone and check other’s user data, it both have similar interests and live near to each other, the app will suggest both of them, of course at this point you think that your personal information available to other’s person, so here you must have to clear that there should be a option of sharing or not.


MacRumors has just clarified it more:

For example. GPS tracking could identify people who have traveled to the same locations. Phone numbers and contacts can be compared, as well as common bookmarks or games played on device. Overall the application is a fascinating read. They even suggest that facial recognition features could be used to identify common contacts.