Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple Has Start Working On A6–Quad Core CPU For iPad 3, Not For iPhone

This time we only expect the rumors about the new services by Apple which they are going to release it on World Wide Developer Conference on this Monday. But it seems that no we are wrong, Apple is not only working on WWDC preparations but also for other things to win the market and hearts of users with its upcoming next generation devices. According to the report by Linley Gwennap, Apple has already started the work on the next generation Apple’s CPU processor A6 which will be a quad core CPU.

+ quad core processor for ipad 3

As we have heard from the news, the next generation CPU processor will be only for tablets means only for future iPad probably iPad 3, but not for next generation iPhone’s.  Reportedly Apple A6 will cost much less than then the current designed CPU.