Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Will Begin Quad-Core Air-Like Macbook Pro Production In April

Are you one of those who are waiting for months to upgrade your computer machines to latest hardware, but wants Apple to first showcase its forthcoming MacBook Pro 2012 series with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and powerful strength? If yes, let me tell me you the new MacBook Pro models is reportedly carrying a new redesign look from Apple, may look-alike the Macbook Air series. It is reported in the past by different sources that the new Macbook Pro series to be look like a Macbook Air, and according to the most recently has reported from the Intel’s internal data leakage, it’s hinted that Apple is about to introduce its new Macbook Pro 2012 series somewhere in June.

macbook pro 2012 air like

It was reported that the new Macbook Pro 13-inch model would be delayed to June / August timeframe, while the 15-inch model will enter into production somewhere in April / May timeframe. However, according to the today’s report, Digitimes claim that Foxconn will start producing the new 15-inch Air-like Macbook Pro models with the exclusive Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, while the 13-inch model of Macbook Pro 2012 will enter in the production somewhere in June, as the ultra efficient and fewer power consuming, Ivy Bridge processors are suggested to come in June, therefore, the launch date of new Macbook Pro may delay again to sometime in June / July timeframe.

The earlier reports suggested that Apple is looking forward to increase the orders for the 13-inch Macbook Pro models this year, as they have ordered new Macbook Pro  13-inch model doubled from the 15-inch Macbook Pro model. It is also said that Cupertino Company is about to skip the 17-inch Macbook Pro model this year, and will seeds the new model in only 13 and 15 inch.