Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple Website Goes Live With The New iPad, Apple TV, and iTunes 10.6

As the Apple has just ended up its media event announcement in the Yerba Buena Center, and has already announced the upcoming new iPad and the Apple TV both devices are scheduled to be debuting in the market on March 16th, and the Apple has also announced the media event that the pre-orders for both devices will go live from today, but as we have reported you an hour before the media event that Apple has just pulled off the official online website ahead of the new iPad launch event to prepare their website with the addition of new product’s arrival and the updates to the existing products.

So, right after the end of media event, Apple finally comes back again with the online website for all over the world with an amazing preview of the upcoming third-generation iPad. The start page of the Apple.com shows the dedicated picture streaming of the upcoming device with subtitles to show all the new features of the device. Apple has tagged the upcoming device as the “Revolutionary Device.” The device is reportedly featuring a dual-core processor along with quad-core GPU, and the Retina Display from the Apple. Apple has also announced the new networking feature of the connectivity with 4G LTE networks across the nation, and the ability to use all the unsupported carriers as 3G.

Apple has just published its new website for all, and along with these updates. The Cupertino Company has also rolled out the pre-order pages for the both upcoming devices, including their prices and comparison charts. The iPad 3 is appeared to be coming on all the bigger carriers across biggest nations.