Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Updates The iPad 2 Smart Covers, With New Color and Improvement

It seems that today Apple chooses the silent path to reveal new updates of its products, first they have quietly updates its Macbook Pro line and now it is reported that Apple has also update its smart cover line for the iPad 2, the main changes are the discontinue of the Orange smart cover for the iPad 2 and the addition of the new bold lovely Dark Gray Polyurethane smart cover model for the iPad 2.

New Smart Cover

Apple has also updates its leather smart cover products for the iPad 2 and adds the new “color matched microfiber lining” to the leather smart covers description, they have just kicks out the gray lining from their smart covers for the iPad 2, along with all of these they have also improved the colors and performance of the smart covers for the iPad 2, as you can see below in the images:


Smart Covers For iPad 2

The pricing range of the Smart covers remains the same, while Apple has added new improvements to its Smart Cover product for the iPad 2, the polyurethane covers still coming in at $39.00 and the leather dashing covers priced at $69.00. The Apple’s Online store pages have been updated with the new colors of the smart covers, while the main page of the company’s still does not reflect any changes about the today’s silent update in the range of Smart Covers for the iPad 2.