Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Update’s Logic Pro, Main Stage & Aperture, Logic Pro & Main Stage Boxed Version Discontinued

Apple has just discontinued its Logic Pro and Main Stage from the boxed version and is now available at the Mac App Store. Apple updated Logic Pro 9 to version 9.1.6 and is available for $199.99 at the Mac App Store and weighs 3.6 GB while it originally costed $499.99 in the boxed version. The Main Stage 2 is available for $29.99 and weighs 413 MB. Aperture is updated too and the main bug got fixed of the photo stream.


The Soundtrack Pro is not yet arrived to Mac App Store.

Well slowly and slowly Apple is discontinuing all it’s applications, softwares of the boxed version and is pushing them all on the Apples Mac App Store. The worlds most advanced operating system was discontinued from the boxed version and was pushed to Mac App Store for $29.99 then they released a USB stick for the folks who don’t have an Internet connection. In short Apple is trying to change the trend, collecting all those bulks of CDs, and when you need them you have to search all those circumferences.