Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple Updated Java Runtime For OS X To Patch Flashback Malware Exploit

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen that famous Flashback malware is returned to the Mac OS platform, and Apple is actively battling with the exploit to make its OS X secure for the users. We have reported you last month that Flashback is returned on the Mac OS and this time the malware comes up with new tactics to hit the users, and make users fool with its new tricks to make a way to their most secured Mac machines. The new Flashback malware reportedly using the fake certificate signing trick with the name of “Apple Inc” and tries to enter in the user’s machine to take control over its files, the new malware is quite intelligent and knows very well, how to hide itself from Mac OS watchdogs.

However, the security firms which, firstly discovered the presence of this new Flashblack malware reported earlier that these malwares are actually no breaking anything on the OS, instead using third party plugins loop holes to enter in the machines, like the Java runtime programs. The Java runtime is opened to everyone, and most of the hackers are using to seed their malwares to users at the wide range without even working hard to break the real security of operating systems.  It is now reported that Apple has finally updated the Java Runtime for OS X, and released the new update in the public to fix the machines that were attacked by the new flashback malware.

The security patch or the new Java Runtime update for OS X is available to download for all the users running the latest Mac OS X 10.6 and the OS X Lion. As we know, Apple had recently dropped the support for the older OS X versions, so there will be no Java runtime update for the older OS X running users.

It is highly recommended to users to update their machines with the new updates, if they are already running Java Runtime applets on their machines. The updates are available to download from both Apple Software Update program or the online support website.