Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Unveils New Apple TV With New Interface & 1080p Playback

During next generation iPad launch event in Yerba Buena, Apple unveils the rumored next generation Apple TV on the stage. Apple has revealed the new Apple TV with the support of 1080p playback, and as well as the unexpected integration of the iCloud integration for the movies and TV Shows in the iTunes. The next generation Apple TV with 1080p playback feature is about to be available on March 16th, the same date Apple is rumored to be holding a launch event for the iPad 3 publicly in number of countries world-wide.

new Apple TV

Main Features:

Ability To Play 1080p Video Content

iTunes in Cloud Movies and TV Shows Integration

New Apple TV Interface

The next generation Apple TV will be remained price at its old price tag of $99, and will carry the upgraded processor from the Apple to provide smooth video playback on the device. The iTunes in Cloud integration for the movies and TV Shows allow users to re-download the movies and TV Shows on their devices again that they have purchased in past from the iTunes, and also brings the ability to watch the real 1080p HD content on the Apple TV.

In addition to the new iTunes in Cloud movie integration and Apple TV integration, Apple has announced that the new Apple TV will get the new streamlined interface with the ability to bring easier UI for users to navigate between the applications on the third generation Apple TV. Apple has also launched the iOS 5.1 along with the Apple TV, and announced the addition of Japanese language support for the Siri. The next generation Apple TV will be available by March 16th, and the pre-orders for the device will go live today on the Apple’s Online Store website.