Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Tweaking Existing Mac Notebooks Series For OS X Lion

Last week, we have seen Apple with new Mac OS X Lion and new hardware update to MacBook Air and Mac Mini Models, to support the OS X Lion also Apple comes up with new standalone keyboards for Mac’s but tweaked with some more keys to work in OS X Lion. Now It is reported that Apple is also tweaking the existing series of Mac with OS X Lion, as noted by the MacTrast, Apple has now made little change in the packing of MacBook Pro, they compared two MacBook Pro, one the new purchased with running OS X Lion and second that was purchased few months ago. In the packaging of New MacBook Pro, the artwork shows a machine with having default desktop of OS X Lion and on older a machine with default wallpaper of Snow Leopard. Apple has also tweaked part numbers and manuals to reflect the change to Lion.


Apple has also replace the Snow Leopard keys with Mac OS X Lion keys in new MacBook Pros, as we have seen before in standalone keyboards, also Apple is no more providing restore discs in the packages, and this move of course makes difficulties for the users who want to perform a clean install of OS X Lion on a hard drive. As we know, Apple introduced a new way version of Recovery in New MacBook Air and Mac Mini models, where user can perform recovery task without entering into OS and perform all the things online.