Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple TV Arrives In Brazil

After the release of iTunes Store in Brazil and 15 other countries, Apple has successfully released their Apple TV in Brazil. With the release of Apple TV in Brazil, the users can download and see the videos which they have purchased from their TV. Brazil is said to be the first country to have iTunes Match after U.S.A. Users can download and purchase new movies and songs from their Apple TV using iTunes Store or they can stream movies and listen to songs via iCloud.

The description of Apple TV is as follows:


The Apple TV is priced, RS 399.00 which is equivalent to US$ 217. The prices are no doubt triple than the original price of Apple TV in U.S.A. Apple got no revenge to take from Brazil or Brazil is not liable to Apple; though the prices are inclusive of Taxes and Import. These high prices are urging Apple and Foxconn to start the manufacturing of Apple TV in the host country.

To avoid these high prices and to make this Apple TV affordable by people of Brazil, Apple has started interest-free financing for its product. People can buy Apple TV on  twelve month installments by paying  RS 33.25/Month. This is a pretty good move taken by Apple to promote its product and increase the sales of Apple TV and other online things sale.