Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Apple Trying T-Mobile USA’s Carrier

As Apple is following AT&T from the creation of iPhones, now Apple guys thought about a little change and moved a head to T-Mobile. Now Apple is trying T-Mobile’s carrier for it’s beloved iPhone. It’s not sure that will Apple give AT&T’s job to T-Mobile. The main thing to look at is the iPhone 4 which is used,first of all we want to remind you that the normal iPhone 4 which is GSM has an internal model of N90 the Verizion’s piece which is a CDMA is N92 while this iPhone 4 working on T-Mobile’s carrier has a different model and i.e N94…. Now we want you guys to have a look back on the video which described a new type of Multi Tasking UI in iPhone 4, now this iPhone 4 is also running on iOS 4 but with different features.

It means these both things have relation, so this was the stuff revealed by BGR this morning. You can check out the whole Gallery from here.

It’s a new option in this Device which was running on T-Mobile and that was Carrier Settings… Ping, FTP, HTTP testings, is it new or not ??

and more and moreover to this 😛

The above feature was to come up with iOS 5. Now no one has an idea what is the story behind this, Will Apple give it’s carrier control to T-Mobile or a a new iPhone 4 will be launched via T-Mobile with new features O_O.

via [BGR]