Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple To Use In-Cell Technology In iPhone 5 For Slimmer Design

Undoubtedly, Apple is working hard every day to produce more efficient technology in their research departments to make their iOS devices lighter and powerful for the devices. The Cupertino Company is currently heavily involved in the research for new methods to be slim down its next-generation devices, as with the launch of iPad 3 with Retina Display, Apple had to lose its slimmer design of iPad 2 for the retina display, and surely this step going to become a pain for the Apple designers of iOS devices, as the Apple’s iPad is famous for its sleek and slim design. The company on another hand is working on the next-generation iPhone 5 production.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching in the summer of this year, like the iPhone 4S launch in September – October timeframe, and this year before making huge production orders. It was reported recently that Apple was working on some liquid material for the iPhone 5 body-case to trim down size of next-generation iPhone, and this is now reported that Apple is also working on some technology to bring in-cell touch technology in the next-generation iPhone model to slim down the size of the device, as the in-cell touch method allows Apple to integrate the touch sensor with colors instead of placing the panel above the touch screens.

According to the sources, Apple is working with Japanese touch companies to implement technology in their new-iPhone 5, and such move would be a big benefit for suppliers such as Sony, Sharp, and Toshiba, which is currently leading the market with the exclusive availability of such technology in their houses.

The news is also confirmed from the DigiTimes, as their sources inside the Apple’s supply chain reported that Apple was working to improve the device design by implementing in-cell sensors, and it is also rumored that Sharp and Toshiba will be ramping up their production of in-cell panels this quarter.