Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple To Unveil iPhone 4S On 6th June At WWDC

I think not a single day ago without an iPhone rumor or report, since we heard that Apple is planning to release an update model of iPhone 4 with name of “iPhone 4S”. ElectricPig, a mobile tech blog has just received some words from their sources about iPhone 4S, their sources says Apple will reveal the update of model of iPhone 4, on 6th June at the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in San Francisco.


A source tells us that Apple’s UK iPhone PR team is approaching journalists from major publications to fly out to the event in San Francisco next month. The obvious conclusion would be that Apple is announcing a new iPhone. Or rather, an updated model. The iPhone 4S is slated as a stop-gap before the appearance of a true, ‘&%!*, they’ve done it again!’ game-changer next year.


Well, I am personally not satisfied with their source claim, because Apple says that they will not going to reveal any hardware on WWDC, it will be just a software related event. But we can also not ignore the words of several analysts who believe that Apple will at least preview the updated version of iPhone 4 on WWDC. Its really expected that update model of iPhone 4 will feature dual core A5 processor chip and higher resolution camera such as a 8MP.