Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple To Ship 86.4 Million iPhone This Year, Still Overtaking Nokia

Apple has already won the mayor-ship in many rankings, and becomes the topper and largest brand, recently they have beat the Nokia in the smartphone sales, and later they have beat the Exxon Mobile and becomes the World’s Largest brand, when the whole markets take hiccups, and now according to the report of Digitimes, Apple is also projected as unbeatable mobile phone vendor in shipments till the end of the year.


According to the report of Digitimes, Apple is expected to ship at least 86.4 million iPhone units by the end of 2011, but Nokia is still seems to be follow the old amount of shipment by 74.4 million units of their couple smartphone. It seems to be quite impressive when you consider Apple as overtaking Nokia’s shipment by just with its only one product, which was launched few years ago.

However, Apple isn’t the only company to be enjoying growth. According to the forecasts, Samsung is expected to enjoy shipment growth of 44% with 67 million units shipping, while Huawai is expected to achieve a whopping 400% rise in shipments. HTC, LG and ZTE have also enjoyed growth during 2011.