Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple To Roll Out Back To School Tomorrow, $100 App Store Card Confirmed

We know people who follow us, much angered on us because since the last week, we are pumping them with different dates of Back To School Promotion happens, but this is not our mistake we only pass the information which we got from our sources, recently it’s rumored that Apple will kick out Back to School event in this week on Wednesday, but nothing happen today. So Apple will finally kick out it tomorrow on Thursday (16 June), this report is not rely on any source claimed this time we have photographic proof. It’s recently announced that this time Apple have twist on this event, this time they are not going to give free iPod on any purchase of new iMac, instead they will offer $100 iTunes Card. So check out the photographic proof by yourself below:


The above photo you sawed, its from the tipster who send it to us and it clearly suggests that this time user will get $100 iTunes card instead of iPod and it will be use able in Mac App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store and App Store, and it also confirms that the event will roll out tomorrow.