Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Apple Working To Simplify iTunes Store & App Store In 2012 Update

It is not a secret that Apple has not updated the iTunes Store from a long time, nearly since the actual launch of the iTunes Store with iTunes 9. It is reported that Apple is working on the new revamped version of the iTunes and App Store Marketplaces with the high priority as the both services is not touched by Apple from a long time, and many users are not happy from their performance. 9to5mac, reports that their source reported them that a new version of iTunes Store and App Store marketplaces is coming later this year, with a new UI focusing to simplify the user experience while browsing through the big huge content database, while in the new revamped iTunes Store, Apple is targeting to introduce something that increases interactivity, and discoverability of content in the iTunes Store.

According to the report from 9to5mac, Apple has been working from a long time to introduce something new in the market that helps them in competing with some new rising stars of the market, like Spotify, and Amazon new cloud music services. Apple is for surely planning something mind provoking UI launch for the iTunes Store that may help them in surviving in the market. As the flow of the report suggests, Apple is focusing currently on the desktop version of iTunes Store and App Store, which is accessible through the iTunes application. It is not clear at the moment, how Apple will roll out this big update to its iTunes Store, whether the revamped iTunes Stores will come alongside a new major version update of the iTunes application itself, or come alone with simple web version of the iTunes Store.

In the report, we also learn that Apple is also working to revamp iTunes Store experience on the iOS, but before concentrating on iOS version, Apple wants to seed something cool to desktop users. However, the update is said to be coming in the end of this year.