Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple To Release Two iPad Models In 2012, With Double Battery & Display

It seems once again the rumor mills has started their leaks series regarding the Apple’s next iPad. The market researcher with wide range of sources, Digitimes, has just added words to their oldest report regarding the Apple’s plan on next iPad launch and new features of the device. The publisher has just come up with an interesting rumor claiming that Apple to release two iPad models in 2012. The publisher has claimed that Apple is planning to release one iPad at iWorld / Macworld event, the event which Apple has not been attending for last two or more years.

According to the new report, Apple has now two models of iPad to release in the next year, one iPad model is said to be release in January at Macworld, and the second to be available in mid of the next year. The publisher reveals that Apple has developed two flavored iPad models, the low-end and high-end model, along with these specification, Apple is said to be working on the iPad battery, and considering doubling it from the current iPad 2. Well, this is not the first time that we are hearing this kind of rumors in the market, it always happens when the new device is coming. It seems that Digitimes just betting its reputation with these rumors in the market, or want to run a new rumor series on two models of iPad.

In addition to all this new report, the publisher also said there will be no smaller range iPad model in 2012, or will never come in the market. However, they claim Apple is working on the higher-end iPad model to develop it with more retina display and name it as the iPad HD.

In the past, we have seen Digitimes has no good authority in leaking rumors regarding the most recent devices, but they had good reputation in the market in the earlier stages of rumors.