Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple To Release iPhone 5 With 4G LTE Capabilities, Confirms China Mobile

In recent few weeks we heard couple of news about Apple and Chinese cellular companies deal to get Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 for exclusively launch in land, and also in executive meetings Apple points out China as better platform to release their devices and said they have planned something big for their market. Today a new report comes to us from the folks of Giz-China, which claims that Apple and China’s largest and world’s biggest cellular company , China Mobile reached landmark agreement, to bring the next generation iPhone to China’s mobile 4G LTE Network:



In the past we have also seen some movement from Apple towards the China Mobile, which clears that both companies baking something behind the secret walls. We have also seen Apple’s COO Tim Cook in the head quarters of China Mobile back in June. On other hand we are hearing that Apple has sent its upcoming next generation device to the cellular in sealed boxes for lab testing on their network infrastructures. From leak rumors, we learn Apple is at corner with launch of its upcoming device and will release it in September while following shipping in October.