Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple To Release iPad 3 In First Week Of March Says AllThings D

The iPad 3 is rumored to be launch in this spring anytime earlier in March, reported by the couple of sources around the globe. Moreover, on iPad 3 launch date, today we came to know that AllThingsD, has reported that Apple will launch iPad 3 somewhere in first week of March. AllThingsD has a good track record in the past on the exclusive date leaks of the upcoming device launch events. According to the media, Apple will for surely hold an event in the first week of March to launch the next-generation iPad 3.

Moreover, on the iPad 3 device launch rumors, AllThings D folks claimed that the device would carry the new faster processor chip, and improved graphics capabilities along with Retina Display panel such as rumored in different individual sources claim. Not only, AllThings D has claimed the first week of March as the announcement week of iPad 3, but also the many analyst reports and other media persons also believe that Apple will do the same as, they have done during the launch of iPad 2 last year. Apple had announced iPad 3 on the media event specially hosted to preview the iPad 2, and then following the first launches of the device on March 11.

In a side note to the AllThings D claim, the most reliable personality over The Loop also updates its status as agreeing with the AllThings D report. Last night, we also come to know that Apple has released some new operator profiles to the iPhone-operators which carry the launch date of iOS 5.1, and it is rumored that Apple will launch the iOS 5.1 along with the iPad 3. The last night rumored date is March 9th.