Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple To Merge Mac OS and iOS In 2012 (REPORT)

When I sawed this news headline in the morning that Apple may merge OS X and iOS into one OS in 2012, I was totally agreed with the news, because in the past we weeks we have seen a great interest of Apple in iOS layout, they released Mac OS X Lion with similar design of iOS, earlier this month, and tomorrow they open for developer, which also carries the similar metal brushed look of iOS. By viewing all of this, Jefferies & Co. analyst predicts that Apple may kill Mac OS X, and merge it with iOS to bring the new operating system to their notebooks. Analyst Peter Misek Said:


“We believe Apple is looking to merge iOS (iPhones/iPads) with OS X (Macs) into a single platform for apps and cloud services starting in 2012-13,”


The analyst also believes that Apple’s A6 processor will be capable to run PC like applications and will able to host PC like operating system, and also says Apple will implement A6 in iPad 3 in first quarter of 2012.  The analyst says Apple may introduce this merged OS in 2012 – 2013 MacBook Air’s, and will allow users to pick any app to run on their machines, which they can also run on iPhone, iPad an iPod Touch.

So guys what you think about the analyst prediction? Is Apple really going to kick something like this?