Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Apple To Launch Mac OS X Lion On 14th June – [RUMOR]

According to the report by 9to5mac, they got tipped from their sources that Apple may launch the Mac OS X Lion on Tuesday June 14th after the preview of 2 weeks, as we know Apple has planned to preview its next generation Mac OS X Lion at World Wide Developer Conference on Monday. The news is come out after, we have heard from sources that Apple folks has been testing Mac OS X Lion internally before the publicly launch.

Apple is said to be planning one of their product launch-indicative “visual updates” for the morning of Tuesday, June 14th

The rumor of launching Mac OS X Lion just after 2 weeks of preview, have chatter from different sources, sources claims they strongly believe that Apple will kick out Mac OS X Lion on June 14th. They have also report that Apple retails stores will makeover their front windows to the launch of Mac OS X Lion.