Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Apple To Launch iPhone 5 In US, UK, France, Germany and Japan On October 14

Apple is reported to launch its next generation iPhone 5 initially in the five markets including U.S, UK, Germany, France and Japan. As the company is already rumored to holding an event an announcement media event for new iOS devices on October 4th.

The new report comes from the Japanese site Macotakara having an mix track record in the past, claims that their sources believe Apple to launch iPhone 5 initially in the five ground on the launch date, October 15th, and then to cover the whole world time by time. We have heard the similar news last week, from the executive of France Telecom, Orange, who claims that iPhone 5 will launch on the carrier on October 15th.


Apple iPhone 5 Launch

Apple is already reported by the sources that the company is denying the vacation requests of the retail store employees for the period of October 14 to onwards till the end of the month. On the other news, Apple is reportedly indicates AppleCare employees to be ready for the massive amount of queries call in the upcoming few weeks, which strongly recommends that Apple is launching its next generation iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, along with the next generation iOS 5 in the next week, on Saturday.


Apple is rumored to only announce the new generation devices on the rumored media event, which going to be happen in the first week of the October, then will follow the launch of the device in the mid-October. Apple seems to be launch two models of iPhone this fall, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, where iPhone 4S will be launch on the time and iPhone 5 may face a short delay in the shipments.