Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple To Launch iPhone 5 In New Zealand On October 9th

So actually where we are with iPhone 5 launch? The most recent report suggests earlier October as a launch of the device in at least US, today another report comes up from the New Zealand based blog “” which claims to by tipped by source an exclusive launch date of iPhone 5 in New Zealand. It seems pretty strange launch because October 9th falls on Sunday.

 Now, with fans clamouring for news of the iPhone 5, Techday has learned from a source within Apple that the device will be launched here in New Zealand on October 9.

Earlier this month several sources have claimed that Apple to host a media event in the end of September to kick out the pre-orders of iPhone 5 while following the launch of iPhone 5 in earlier October, well we have no record about the sources, and has not been appears on the web as a source of any previous Apple rumors, regarding new device launch, so we can’t confirm you about the trustworthy of the website.