Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple To Launch iPhone 5 and iPhone 4+ This Year (REPORT)

Analyst reports are one of the most epic things, when they speaks about their imaginations and their not proper market research, mostly they come up with their own “house” ideas. We have read couple of stories regarding iPhone 5 from analysts, but still its our work.

Today we have come across to another analyst claims in which we have not learned any new thing, instead of it we got some confirmation regarding the old rumors, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz claims today the same thing that Apple to launch two models of iPhone device this year: the iPhone 4+ and iPhone 5.

Whatever he say, we have already discussing from couple of months about the iPhone 4S, so if he called it iPhone 4+, there is not a big difference may be loves to much Google+ that’s why claims iPhone 4+. But according to me there might be an iPhone 4S but at least not a iPhone 4+.

According to Moskowitz, Apple is expected to launch an updated iPhone 4-like model dubbed as iPhone 4+:

The iPhone 4-plus device is anticipated to be based on the current iPhone and subsume the iPhone 3GS as the lower-end offering.  Mr. Moskowitz thinks it could target one or more network carriers in China, but is unlikely to be exclusive to the region.

 According to the deep report of analyst, iPhone 5 to carry the all rumored specification updates, while iPhone 4+ only to carry the speed bump but not a complete or slight redesign from Apple. So what do you think about this analyst claim? iPhone 4+? Huh ?? :-/