Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Apple To Launch iPhone 4S On June 29 – SCREENSHOT Proof

YoYo.. Guys time to break all the rumors, this is the time to hit some really big news, a really unknown source has send us the picture of iPhone 4S, and mentioned up the launch date of the device. The picture suggests that Apple has scheduled to launch the iPhone 4S on June 29, 2011 and also the pictures suggests the little slightly changes in the iPhone, and also says that it will be come out with the capacity of 32 GB just like iPhone 4.

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Anyways, we have no more words on it, even the source is just a new and we have not trust on it. After this, many people will says that it’s photoshoped picture, but as we know, everything is possible, So maybe this  picture is real and we will got our hands on the iPhone 4S on 29 June. Once again, we are also not sure about this, we have just shared the picture we got from the “unknown source”.