Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple To Launch iPad Mini By End Of 2012, Using Samsung’s Retina Display

It appears that Samsung is a key member behind the massive fame of Apple’s iOS devices, as recently it is reported that Apple has been still using the Samsung’s developed Retina Display screens in the new iPad, and appeared to be getting more display units from the Korean Company. It is now reported that some Samsung Executive told media today that Apple had purchased around 9 billion worth tech stuff from the Korean Company this year, and the stuff is especially to power up the new iPad with Retina Display, while getting in more details the executive explains to the Korea Times that the Cupertino Company is appeared to be a top purchaser of Samsung’s display and solid-state drives from the company.


Apple has already contracted with Samsung over the continuously offering of Retina Display for the new iPad, and the other display components for the iPad Mini or the smaller screen iPad which is rumored to be launching by the end of this year. Apple is also involved with Samsung over the purchase of million solid-state drives for the ultra-slim Apple’s MacBook Air. The anonymous Samsung executive also claimed that Apple is clearly planning to launch a smaller iPad later this year, maybe by the end of 2012, and actively according to the contract will also use the Samsung’s display in the device.

The report also claims that Apple is about to increase its purchasing quota with Samsung, totally depends on the demand of the next-generation devices, Apple has currently signed a contract for the 9 billion worth components, but it will be expanded to $11 billion, if Apple demands more display or the other components from the Samsung. In the report, source also claimed that Samsung is about to offer a new PLS-based LCDs for the smaller iPad, but Apple is appearing to show its interest in the Samsung’s OLED display technology. The source also claimed that Apple is thinking to use the OLED display technology in the iOS devices, but not sure whether the Samsung would be able to produce the OLED display according to their requirements or not.