Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple To Launch iPad 3 Next Year With New Smaller Dock Connector

Apple is now reportedly working on the production of the next generation iPad 3 with the complete redesign of the dock connector, and the device is rumored not to be launch in market until the March 2012.  As the report comes to us from the sources of the Japanese site Mactokara, who claims that their Asian sources told that Apple is prepping the iPad 3 with small dock connector and the device will not launch before until next year March.

According to the person who claimed the news,  it’s still unclear whether Apple wait for high quality “Retina Display” display for the iPad 3 or not. The source also suggests that the device will carry the same size as the iPad 2.  Retina Display is one of the most awaited and demanded feature there since the Apple has launched the iPhone 4 with Retina Display.


The device is said to be carry the complete redesign and the new smaller dock connector, by getting into the details the source said the new small dock connector of iPad 3 will also carries the 30-pin format input and electricity specifications. The source also spilled some beans regarding the beginning of the iPad 3 production and availability of the device, according to them the production of iPad 3 is under “unusual rush schedule” due to the Chinese New Year occasion and the national holiday in the land. Factories will allegedly begin to produce the next iPad at the end of January.