Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple To Launch iPad 3 At Same Price They Offers iPad 2

Along with the launch of iPhone 5 this fall, we are also hearing from the start of this year that Apple may release two model of iPad and break its typical cycle of releasing new device models annually. It appears that Apple has launched iPad 2 in the third month of this year, in March. So from after the launch of iPad 2, we hear many news about the production of iPad 3, and regarding release date rumors. Mostly reports that Apple may release the iPad 3 in the holiday season of this year. According to the circulating rumors, new model of iPad is to carry high-resolution Retina Display, along with higher specifications. Some earlier reports also suggests that the device will be called “iPad Pro or iPad HD”. While having all of the conflicting reports, Taiwan Economic News claims that Apple may release its third generation iPad at the same price of iPad 2, they are offering, and then later after the release of device, they will give discount of $100 on the iPad 2 purchases in order to clear the inventory.


The report claims that Apple will use the same strategy with iPad 2, as they did with first generation iPad units. This report does not comes up with any information which suggest the release date of upcoming iPad 3, there are many reports in the past which suggests that Apple may release iPad 3 by this Thanksgiving or next year.