Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple To Introduce White iPod Touch 5G Later This Year, Front Panel Reveals

After correctly reporting lot of information about the Apple’s notebook lines, now analyst of Concord Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo claims about the Apple’s fifth generation iPod Touch, says Apple to introduce a white iPod touch later this year, of course going to be iPod Touch 5. Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch reported to be similar to the current forth generation iPod. Last month, while digging into the SDK of iOS 5 developers has found a new reference of iOS based iPod known as “iPod4,2” which is said to be a new model of iPod, but report suggests as Apple didn’t properly mentioned “iPod5,1” instead of “iPod4,2” than its mean that new iPod going to be a slightly updated model of current iPod Touch.


On another hand folks over 9to5mac reported that have found white front plate of iPod touch which seems to be a digitizer component of the next generation iPod Touch, according to the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop which claims by knowing the fourth generation iPod build that these photos can be a scrapped White iPod Touch 4 or might be the photo of fifth generation iPod Touch. Now after this there are two points, may be Apple release iPod Touch 4 again but in White color or Apple to release iPod Touch 5 in White color with minor updates to current generation iPod.